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BEIJING -- A growing number of China"s retirees are demanding better care, pushing the government and businesses to improve services, a senior health official said.

"The demand has grown from survival needs to full development," said Wang Jianjun, a leading official of the National Health Commission, at a recent lecture on demography. "The seniors do not just want their daily life to be taken care of. Their needs are now more varied, more diversified and personalized."

China has a rapidly aging society. By 2050, one in every three Chinese is estimated to be a senior, aged over 60.

A survey by the China Research Center on Aging this year found more retirees said they want counseling or someone to chat with, better health services, fashion and consumer products, and to travel.

"The Chinese yearn for a colorful and dignified life after retirement," Wang said. "This requires the senior care sector to develop faster and better."

As of the end of 2017, China had more than 153,600 senior care facilities. More facilities are offering wellness and entertainment services in addition to medical care, food, and accommodation.

Wang said the senior care sector is off to a good start but there is still huge room for improvement. More needs to be done in terms of supervision, and more organizations and businesses are encouraged to join the sector, he added.

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